Saturday, 22 March 2014

Master and cockwhore slut slave

I push you against the wall and rip your clothes off - I am savage with you and use my strength to overcome any resistance, holding your wrists behind your back while I kiss and bite your shoulders, neck and breasts. I tear your knickers off and now you are only wearing stockings. I lead you to the bed and throw you down

 - You are my cockwhore
 - I am your cockwhore
 - You are my cumslut
 - I am your cumslut

I throw you over and bind your wrists behind your back. You begin to resists and I slap your ass hard three times. You yield

 - You will obey my every command
 - I will obey you
 - You will call me Master
 - Yes Master

Then I roll you on your back and open your legs. I tie them to the bedposts. To reward you I lick your pussy until you moan and then I stand and
remove my clothes.

 - Now I will use you for my pleasure
 - Yes Master

I lean over you and ram my rock hard cock down your throat. I make you take me deep until you gag. I cockspank your open mouth, your tongue. I rub
my cock all over your face. The master-slave relationship is established now and we are beginning to explore the roles. I lead every action and you
must anticipate and yield. I rub my cock on your breasts, your nipples. I make you eat my balls and when I can't take it any more I cum on your
face and mouth and while I am still cumming I shove my cock down your throat and force you to swallow me

Now you have my cum in your belly, in your mouth, on your face and in your hair. Your senses are reeling with the heat and taste of it and I have
established my total domination of you. I release your ankles and pull you up and bend you over a chair. Now I spank you and with every blow I
abuse you verbally, calling you a cockbitch, a cum drinking whore, a cockslut and you must yield and say that you are.

 - You are my cockwhore
 - I am your cockwhore
 - You are my cumslut
 - I am your cumslut
 - You will drink my cum and lick up every drop
 - I will drink your cum and lick up every drop

Then to reward you I lead you back to the bed with my hand in your hair and throw you down. I open your legs and kiss your thighs, the back of your
knees, your ankles. Then I go down on your pussy and while I eat you and bring you to orgasm I tell you what I expect from you later.

Friday, 21 March 2014

slut wife eats cum

 cum eating whore wife loves the taste of hot cum. Here she rubs it over her mouth, licks and swallows and then sucks at cum dripping cock for more

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Planning a threesome

This is what we have in mind - it's all about getting my wife in the right mood - she loves the fantasy of not being able to pay back money and being "forced" to use her body instead and she is up for it - we've had a threesome before and it was great. The only problem last time was that our guest climaxed with his cock rammed down her throat and she just gulped it all down so we never got any video of her slurping and messy - so we want to get that this time - save up your cum because she likes nothing more than a huge load

To get her in the mood dress as smart as possible, give her a small gift when we arrive - nothing fancy just a small chocolate or something but it will make the right impression. Dim lighting and soft music of course. She doesn't drink much but she likes vodka and good red wine. We should relax and drink and talk to begin with - get her merry and then when the moment is right well start - just follow my lead

We'll do a role play about her not being able to pay back a large amount of  money she loaned - you are my business partner and she will offer to suck us  both to pay off her debts. We'll spank her for being such a bad girl, tie her up, spank her ass with our cocks, force her to suck us deep so she gags, whip her, pull her hair - she wants us to be quite rough with her (not actually hurt her of course) and take turns licking her pussy till she comes. She won't fuck - not at the first meet anyway but she will sit on you and rub her pussy up and down your cock and I'll also ask you to rub the head of your cock around her pussy lips at some point - that will drive her crazy and please cum on her face/neck/tits so I can video her licking it all up and drinking it.

- latest email to bloke I met on-line who wants to cream my wife...

Today's dirty text message from wife

Hi honey, i can't wait till tonight, so i can suck u for a long time and rub my breasts all over your body and make u cum all over my face and mouth. I am soooo hungry for your cum...

Saturday, 1 December 2012

sexy ass and loves sucking cock


We've been fighting a lot recently - but when we're not fighting we're fucking.

Here she is sucking me sweetly - she talks a lot about going to swing clubs when we fuck now -  and about how she wants to be a Bukkake girl - think she wants to suck on some strange cock - fine by me as long as I can watch...